March 15, 2007 at 2:35am (Poetry)

The Black Dog

sniffs at my heels

and snarls

too softly for comfort.

Black Dog, go home.

Go home!

                  I call upon

your master

to call you


           O master of the Black Dog,

call your Black Dog home.

Call it off, call it home,

this Black Dog of yours

sniffing at my heels

and snarling softly

at my heels,

too softly for comfort.

          “I will strike your heel,”

the Black Dog says;

says the big Black Dog

sniffing at my heel;

          “And I will crush your head,”

says I to him who, poised to strike my heel,

hears his master’s voice afar off snarling,

Strike! Strike! Strike!

Strike the bloody goddamned kike!

Strike until his blood runs red.

That was what it said,

the Master said,

as it struck my heel

and I crushed its head

and our blood ran red

          so early in the morning.

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March 2, 2007 at 3:05pm (Poetry)


Kali. Durga. Hecate. Lilith.

Names. Just names. But she,

She is the Gate of God,

and through her

one enters into God. 

Through the Mother

to the Father

to the Crown;


and from there? Where? Nitchevo.

                The lair of the serpent,

The cave of the bear,

the cloud of unknowing,

the empty box

filled with unknowing,

waiting for Pandora’s hand.


There! Look! Do you see it?

Nitchevo. Nitchevo. Nitchevo.

The nothing that is everything:

the silent tree falling in the forest,

the one hand clapping in the air.


                        Behind the thought;

behind the observer of the thought;

behind the observer observing

the observer observing the thought,

what is there?

                   A vast plentitude of the things of the  air. 


And I have seen them all (or less)

through the blind eye, the white eye

I have seen the other eye,

the eye not there,

the eye that sees what is not there,

the eye that looks at me, who is not here,

neither seeing nor seen by the things of the air.

Beware. Beware, those things of the air

that are not there, that are not there;

but like the bat, fly in your hair;

and like the bat, fly in your hair.

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