February 9, 2007 at 6:09pm (Poetry)

                      Blessed art thou among women.

Suffer the trees, the owl and the cat.

Suffer the hearth and the oven.

Suffer the lycanthrope, spider and bat,

the Warrior Maiden, the Sloven.

      The crescent, the snake, the double-blade axe,

the stars, the moon and the sky;

these are her arms, her legs and her back,

her breasts, her mouth and her eye.

      (Her single and all seeing-eye.)

Every villiage, town and nation

lift your arms in supplication.

Shave your heads and gash your thighs,

limp and leap and circumcise.

      Black-skinned Mother, Queen of Night,

Salvatrix of all things contrite,

what immortal hand and eye

shaped thy fearsome symmetry?


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